Thursday, March 24, 2011

Kinshasa 1920s - Lost Architectural Heritage

There are a number of historic structures in Kinshasa that have been lost to the development process, but whose location and the building that replaced them is known and documented.  A good example is the old Post Office in Kinshasa on the Place de la Poste which was replaced by the Union Congolaise des Banques (see Feb. 20, 2011).  Below are a few enigmatic structures whose location is unknown and the era can only be suggested by the architectural style.  Any insight or information to help identify these is appreciated.
The Compagnie Africaine, possibly Place de la Poste

The Compagnie Colonial Belge and Societe France Congo - possibly Ave. Beenaert (Equateur)

Commercial or diplomatic building - the flag is neither Belgian nor that of the Belgian Congo

Cominex - possibly Ave. Rubbens (Ave. de la Nation)

The Compagnie Maritime Belge, which provided steamer service between Belgium and Matadi

The Cafe Central, possibly on Ave. Stanley (Bas-Congo)

The Apollo Palace Cinema - mid 1920s
The Exposition Commercial Permanente - mid 1920s

A commercial street in Kinshasa, note open vista on left. Flag is neither Belgian nor Congo

Dr. Fidao was a physician in Kinshasa in the early 1920s

A villa in Kinshasa in the 1930s, possibly Kalina

Another villa from the 1930s

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