Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Leopoldville 1930s – Postcards from the Art Deco (III)

This post continues the earlier Art Deco tour of Kinshasa. Click on the links below for the previous posts:

Leopoldville 1930s - Postcards from the Art Deco (I)
Leopoldville 1930s - Postcards from the Art Deco (II)

(15-18). Avenue du Commerce district. Some private investors in the area embraced the style, including commercial properties on Avenue Ebeya (Ave. Cambier), Avenue Tombalbaye (originally Ave. de la Cité, later Tombeur de Tabora, and recently renamed Tabu Ley) and Avenue du Commerce, (originally Ave. des Travailleurs then Ave. DeGaulle).

Ref Zenit
Ave Kasai
(19-21). Two small hotels, the Residence and the Astoria were built on Ave. du Commerce (Ave. De Gaulle) in the 1940s (Mar. 30, 2011). The Residence is now a branch office of SNEL, the national electricity company and the Astoria is the home of the Institut National des Arts.  Down Ave. Kwango from the Astoria is a small property which appears to have been originally a residence in streamline modern style.
The Hotel Residence
The Hotel Astoria, now the Institut National des Arts
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