Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Leopoldville 1960 - Independence Celebrations

June 30 1960. Congo obtains independence after 75 years of Belgian colonial rule (including Leopold's Congo Free State)
June 17, 1960 - Governor General Cornelis addresses Congolese politicians.
Kasavubu 3rd from left, Lumumba 2nd from right.
June 24, 1960 - Lumumba's first government on Parliament grounds.
Lumumba center left in bow tie, Mobutu 5th from right in sun glasses.
June 25, 1960 - Lumumba, Resident Minister Ganshoff Van derMeersch and Kasavubu at an official dinner.
June 29, 1960 - Lumumba and Kasavubu receive King Baudouin at Ndjili Airport
June 29, 1960 - A celebrant grabs Baudouin's sword during the parade through town.
Mwana Mboka and father (in white shirt) observing at right of motor cycle helmet.
June 30, 1960 - Baudouin, Kasavubu and Lumumba arrive at the Monument to Leopold II in front of Parliament. 
June 30, 1960 - Police maintain the crowd in front of Parliament.
June 30, 1960 - The crowd around Parliament.
June 30, 1960 - Baudouin's speech to Parliament.  Kasavubu seated at his left.
Note Lumumba (far left) rewriting his speech in response to the King's patronizing remarks. 
June 30, 1960 - Lumumba addresses Parliament. The speech, which denounced Belgian colonialism, nearly provoked an international incident.  Lumumba later offered more conciliatory remarks and the crisis was averted.
June 30, 1960 - Independence festivities in Stade Baudouin (now Stade Tata Raphael).
June 30, 1960 - Revelers dancing in a Leopoldville bar.  Blackboard behind guitarist says "OK Jazz"
June 30, 1960 - Fireworks over Parliament.
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